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tweaker is here!

We are pleased to report that our new GUI based computer interface to the GinSing board is now ready for download! The GinSing Tweaker program is a java application that you can run from your PC or Mac that lets you tweak all the settings of the GinSing in realtime. It also lets you see what the code interface for the tweak looks like, lets you create your own custom presets, and much more.

The latest download ( GinSing V4.0 ) has been streamlined to include GinSing Tweaker along with the updated IDE software libraries that now install automatically.

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tocatta for ultra-conservative books

Benny M has put together an ineresting performance project with an instrument he created using the GinSing shield. The Arduino board processes switches embedded in ultra-conservative books, generating pitches every time one is hit. Our hats off to Benny for this unique concept and performance. The source code for the project is also available on the forum thread.

If you have an interesting project we'd love to show it off as well!

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where in the world is ginsing?

Ever wonder what other mad genuises have used a ginsing in their projects? Well, we have created a google map with the locations of our customers around the world. You can vew the map from the top menu on the main screen, or follow the link below. We look forward to adding your town to our map!

ginsing world map

aRDiu5X GinSing powered

MaxHiRes has posted a cool video of his latest creation - the aRUIui5X. This cute little bot is a 60% scale model of the classic RB5X robot. The hardware is an Arduino Mega 1280 with the banana flavored GinSing, an Arduino Rev 3 Motor Shield, an HC-SR04 ultrasonic ranger, two solarbotics GM-17 motors and a LiPo battery on a custom charging circuit.

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arduino IDE 1.0 support is here

We have released the latest version of our GinSing software library and examples to support the new release of the Arduino 1.0 IDE. This release ( version 3.0 ) is functionally equivalent to the previous version but has code modifications to support changes in the Arduino 1.0 release.

To update to your GinSing to use the Arduino 1.0 IDE, first download the IDE, then replace the GinSing folders with the ones in release 3.0.  You may need to update your projects to use the new library via the Sketch->Import Library function in the IDE.

download Arduino 1.0 IDE            download GinSing release 3.0


allophone dictionary

To help get you started on creating phrases for GinSing, we have published a rougly 1400 word common english word dictionary converted into allophone tokens. You can use these allophone tokens to create words and phrases for voice synthesis. This document is provided en gratis from Scott Savage and published here with the author's permission.

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RSS feed our support forum

Thanks to deladriere, who suggested (and tested) our RSS feed on the support forum. You can subscribe to the feed by clicking on the RSS icon on the bottom of the support home page, or adding the feed to your reader as you do with any others. This will be a useful way to keep up with issues, fixes, and interesting projects posted by other GinSing users.


ginsing in action

Fresh Boarder has just posted a nice youtube video of his board in action. Its a basic circuit that illustrates the power that a simple bit of tweaking can produce. He basically just set up 2 potentiometers. One to control the pre-set sound to use (considering making this a push button that cycles through the available sounds) and one to control the delay between triggering the sounds.

We look forward to hearing about your project as well!