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TOPIC: poly mode overview

poly mode overview 7 years 4 weeks ago #20

What is poly mode?

In a nutshell, its a simple encapsulation of the synthesizer functions that configures all six oscillators to map directly to the output mixer. The idea is that by setting up six identical oscillators with no fancy modulation you have the ability to play the 6 oscillators (or "voices") simultaneously.

Because of this configuration, poly mode does not allow for complex control over the voices - for each waveform (or as a complete group) you can specify the waveform ( sine, triangle, ramp, square + duty cycle, noise ), a note or frequency, and an ADSR envelope. So in short its good for making basic tones, but is limited to the complexity of the sound generated.

There are some interesting options because you can address each voice individually. For example, you might set up each voice to a different waveform/envelope if you'd like to simulate a drum kit for example. Again, you are limited by tonal quality, but it might work in cases where you are not trying to be too realistic.

The current interface V1.0 offers these methods:

begin // set up for polyphonic instrument mode
preview // preview default polyphonic mode setup
trigger // trigger the ampiltude envelope for a voice
release // release the amplitude envelope for a voice
setNote // set the musical note for an oscillator
setWaveform // set the waveform type
setFreqDist // set the frequency distortion level ( 0.0 to 1.0 )
setDutyCycle // set the duty cycle for square wave ( 0.0 to 1.0 , 0.5 = square void setPortamento // set notes to bend from one to another at relative rate ( 0.0-1.0)
setTremolo // set notes to amplitude modulate at the given frequency (Hz)
setEnvelope // set the ADSR envelope

It should also be noted that the main output mixer also has envelope functions and amplitude to allow for volume control over all voices at once.
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