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TOPIC: no sound from board - test #1

no sound from board - test #1 6 years 8 months ago #61

If you have just assembled your board but do not hear anything, there is an easy way to test out the board as a standalone unit via demo mode on the Babblebot chip.

In demo mode, the Babblebot will cycle through its phoneme set without any control from the Arduino. This allows you to test out the board circuitry without having to send it commands from the library. To do this, you should follow these steps:

1. Open up the Arudino IDE and create an empty but functional program that effectively does nothing - this is to make sure you are not sending commands to the board during testing. Just put these two lines into a new sketch:

void setup(){}
void loop(){}

Compile and upload this sketch to the Arduino

2. Using a jumper or a short piece of wire take the Babblebot pin 13 ( Demo Select ) to ground. This can be done by placing one end of the wire in either of the two adjacent GND pins on the header, and placing the other onto the chip pin 13. Be careful not to touch any other pins during this test!

3. While holding the jumper in place, you should hear the circuit begin to speak its phoneme list - it will continuously cycle as long as you hold the jumper in place. If you do not hear anything, it could indicate a faulty chip or a problem with the output amplifier. If you do hear sound, but cannot run the sample programs, the problem is most likely related to the serial connection to the chip from the Arduino on pins 9-11.
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