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TOPIC: Easier PC Interface

Easier PC Interface 5 years 8 months ago #244

I have about 12 of the older SoundGin boards at my store and thought that they would be the coolest things to add onto our in house robot projects. However the learning curve for these and the Babblebot are pretty steep. Most of my customers are newbies and are starting to get into the DIY thing but most are not seasoned C++ programmers. Does anyone have plans to make an easy to use app for these? Most have mentioned something along the lines of just wanting a way to type some text into a window on their computer and upload it to the board to be played back with a trigger event. I believe that a good app would really allow the Babblebot to take off with the DIY crowd. It sounds unbelievable, just hard to use...
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Re: Easier PC Interface 5 years 8 months ago #247

The original SoundGin console is available for download ( tools -> archive ), which was made available along with the original chip when it was called SoundGin. It still works on windows platforms, but we have not tested it on the original boards since our focus was testing through the Arduino.

We also have an updated java based program called tweaker that lets you explore the synth-like elements of the chip along with displaying the equivalent function calls as part of the GinSing distribution, but is designed to work using the Arduino. That said, in theory the program should work as it just opens a serial connection and begins sending data...
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Re: Easier PC Interface 5 years 3 months ago #337

I guess these can be used to test out the babblebot/soundgin chips but what people really want to use these for is to give their robotic projects voice capability. I sell a ton of MP3 trigger boards at my store(www.robotcityworkshop). The customers are recording MP3 files and saving them onto an SD card to be triggered independently by an arduino. It is cumbersome but it is still the easiest way to get speech out of an arduino. The DIYers can program using sketch but to get this thing to work is beyond most. They really just want to be able to type text into their programs and have the babblebot/soundgin just speak it aloud with the speed and pitch parameters adjustable in the program as well. I would buy lots of these on a regular basis if these features could be added in a later revision..
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Re: Easier PC Interface 5 years 3 months ago #338

Hi workerchimp; sorry for the delayed response. We had been working on a PC equivalent for speech aspects of the Babblebot (speaker) as we have done for the synth (tweaker), but dropped it in the end because we did not see any demand for it. Given your comments we will reconsider this. One thing to point out, however, is that our implementation will not be a complete text-to-speech program, but will allow you to construct phrases from allophones as well as use a predefined and user dictionary of common words.

In our example code downloadable from the front page, we do have a simple example of how you can take a phrase ( array of allophones and inflections ) and play it back simply, but perhaps you are more interested in speech via the PC rather than the Arduino? Our approach on the PC interface would be much like it is for the tweaker program where there it generates a c-style array that is dropped into the Adruino code since its the most basic way to implement the functionality through the IDE. Could you tell us more specifically what you'd like to see?

Thanks for the comments, we greatly value this type of feedback!
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