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TOPIC: can ginsing be used with raspberry pi?

can ginsing be used with raspberry pi? 4 years 9 months ago #366

I have just purchesed this little beauty, very excited! but I have a raspberry pi instead of an arduino :( can this device be made to work?
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Re: can ginsing be used with raspberry pi? 4 years 9 months ago #367

In short, yes.

The shield has header pin connections for 3 wires - RX,TX, and OVF as per the jumpers on the top of the board. It operates on a standard 9600 baud serial connection according to the microprocessor (PIC18F) datasheet. The power comes from the shield header pin connections and has a backflow diode that allows the amplifier (NJM386) to run at voltages anywhere from approximately 1.5V above the chip voltage to 18V.

On the downside we have not tested at 3.3V and would expect the amplifier IC to have pretty low power output, but might produce a decent line level signal; it is possible to tap the amplifier IC pins pre-amplifier to avoid using the NJM386 if it does not perform well.

Given that you probably don't have an Arduino breakout board, you could omit the headers from the Ginsing shield in the bring out the wires ( 5V, GND, D2, D3, D4 ) and connect them to the pi. You could also get an Arduino compatible pi board or bridge for a conventional shield fit.

On the software side, the work would be either porting the Arduino library to Linux using the serial library instead of the Arduino soft serial library; the source code is free and you can download it to get an idea of the work, but it would mean rewriting the GinSingSerial.cpp file.

The final option would be to just buy the Babblebot IC and put together the simple circuit on a breadboard or similar. The commands to control the Babblebot IC are not sophisticated and if you get stuck you could look at the Arduino source code.
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