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TOPIC: Gong Question

Gong Question 6 years 2 weeks ago #194


I saw the post about the Gong sound. I'm trying to create various chime and gong tones for a programmable doorbell.

I'd like to understand a bit more about the theory behind how the program works, that is, how OSC3 is used to modify OSC1 and what effect that has on the nature of the resulting sound. Can you provide some illumination or suggest some sources?

I noticed in the gong program that the frequencies are very close. Can I use musical notes instead?

Other than some piano lessons almost 50 years ago, I know nothing about music, so I'll need a simple explanation.

Cheers, Jurgen
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Re: Gong Question 6 years 2 weeks ago #198

Hi Jurgen.

I think starting with the gong preset is a good way to work towards doorbell sounds. I have attached an image of the ginsing tweaker program ( currently in beta ) that should shed some light on what is happening.


In this configuration A1 is the mixed to the output as a 21 Hz sine wave and provides the basic waveform at a very low frequency. By itself it is nearly inaudible, so the key to the wave characteristic comes from A2 and A3. A2 is used as a pure modulator and provides the repeated gong amplitude envelope at 0.47 Hz. It uses a sawtooth wave which allows the volume level to fade out linearly and retrigger instantly. A2 also ring modulates A1 which causes the waveform to always restart when the sawtooth cycle begins. A3 provides the characteristic 109 Hz waveform that is most audible by modulating A1s frequency continuously. Because of the interaction between A1 and A3 there is a slight warble as the two waveforms ring against each other in the frequency domain. Hopefully that sheds some light on what is happening.
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Re: Gong Question 6 years 2 weeks ago #200

Thanks. I don't completely understand the answer but I'll do some experimenting and hope it will make more sense. I look forward to your release of the tweaker program. I hope you have included something that will log the actual codes that are sent to the babblebot chip. I've tried using the ginsing console program but some of the codes flash by too fast to see.
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Re: Gong Question 6 years 2 weeks ago #201

Generally each click on the panel should produce a single stream of output in the title bar that corresponds to a command chain, but its not the best way to see the output. The newer version will hopefully fix that with a scrolling window that you can look back on.

The Babblebot IC data sheet contains some useful information on waveform modulation that may also help you out. If you have not seen it you can follow this link:

Babblebot Datasheet
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