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TOPIC: Polymode

Polymode 3 years 5 months ago #592

Looking at playing around with a the Polyphonic note generation. Is there a defined constant for a "rest" (ie, no sound) ? I'm thinking of transcoding some sheet music
(note by note) and many times I need a "rest" - so I'd like to treat a musical rest as just another note - is that possible ?

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Re: Polymode 3 years 1 week ago #822

Hi Matt, thanks for your question. In poly mode the only timing done by the system is in running the DCO envelopes (ADSR). When you trigger a voice you will start the ADSR sequence, and when you release you trigger the release stage. The time between notes is not determined by the system so you would implement the rests yourself.

This is actually recommended if you are transcribing from sheet music because the time signature of the song and tempo probably determine the actual durations of the rest. I would start with the tempo in beats per minute to compute how long a beat is per second, then invert to get seconds per beat. Knowing this the number of beats for a given rest can be determined by the sheet music which would translate into an exact time.

To control the time, you can use the time function on the Arduino. In a similar fashion you'll probably want to implement note durations using the same logic to trigger/release based on the sheet music as well.

I hope that helps, and have fun with GinSing!
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