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software installation

1. download & install Arduino SDK

The software interface to GinSing is accessed through a C++ library. The library is embedded into the Arduino Software Development Kit ( SDK ), which you use to write the code for your project.

If you are new to the Arduino, you can download free SDK and install it onto your development machine. This software provides a programming interface to the Arduino and is where you write code that is executed on the Arduino.

Complete instructions on the Arduino SDK and related documentation can be found on the Arduino website:

download Arduino SDK


2. download & install ginsing

The GinSing software can be downloaded from this site. This software is free and provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. This allows you to use and modify the software as you see fit for non-commercial applications.

The GinSing software consists of a single ZIP file that you download to your desktop and then unzip to create a folder. Depending on your operating system the instructions vary slightly - the download page will contain instructions on how to complete the installation.

download GinSing software

Software Install Panel

3. verify installation

Restart the Arduino SDK. Under the File > Sketchbook menu option you should now see a GinSing folder that contains the sample programs. The sample programs are very instructive and well documented to help you get started using GinSing without the need for a complicated manual. We suggest you build and run each program in the order presented.

Select the _1_welcome test program. Press the upload button that is just above the source code window. The program will compile, and then upload to the Arduino board. In the lower status window you should seen the message Done uploading as shown here.

At this time you should be hearing the GinSing playing through various modes. After approximately 2 minutes the program will terminate and the GinSing will go silent - you can upload again to hear the program repeat.


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