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audio connection

The audio output of the board can be connected through either the speaker pads or the 3.5mm jack. The volume control can be used to set the desired output level by turning the potentiometer counter-clockwise to increase the volume. During initial setup set the potentiometer to approximately 1/4 of its travel counter-clockwise from its full off (fully clockwise) position.

To use the speaker connections, simply solder your speaker wire to the contact pads located in the figure above. The audio amplfier IC can directly drive an 8 ohm or higher impedance speaker. If you experience distortion at lower levels than you need, you can power the amplifier with a higher voltage ( up to 18 volts ) through the use of the external power jack on the Arduino board.

You can also connect through the 3.5mm stereo audio jack. The audio jack provides the same output level as the speaker output, so be careful when connecting to headphones or other audio components to avoid damage to your ears or other equipment. Either a mono or stereo jack will work through this connection; if you use a stereo jack both channels will receive the same mono signal from the board. When a jack is plugged in, the speaker connection is disabled.