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amber light emitting diode

This LED lights up whenever the Soundgin IC is creating output. It can be used for debugging, or provide solder pads if you wish to relocate the LED ( or LEDs up to 25 mA ) to a case. If you wish to conserve board power and don't need the LED you can omit this part ( along with R6 ). The LED has two different lead lengths - the longer lead is the anode, and the shorter is the cathode. On the board the cathode is denoted as the notch in the circle. Place the shorter lead of the LED (cathode) into the notch on the circle.

Inportant: The LED may have lead tabs that do not allow it to be placed flush and will NOT allow for stackable boards. To make the board stackable either trim the lead tabs to fit, or bend the LED over to face the outside of the board.