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IC1 + 2



integrated circuits

The 18 pin IC is the Soundgin IC, which interprets serial commands sent from the Arduino board ( via the GinSing library ) and generates sound in diigital form. The 8 pin IC is a basic audio amplifier that creates up to 1.2 W of audio output into an 8 ohm speaker. Proper orientation of these ICs are critical - if you place an IC in upside down it will destroy it without any indication! To make sure the IC is placed properly, the surface of the chip will contain either a notch or a dot that should be aligned according to the notch or dot as per the diagram above.

To seat a chip into its socket, you will need to apply light pressure to bend the pins inward and seat firmly. To do this, place one side of the chip into the socket without pressing, then while appling slight pressure on the other side, seat all of the pins in the socket. Confirm visually that all the pins are in the socket form, and then press down on the chip from opposite ends, rocking if need be to seat the chip completely in the socket.