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Together the GinSing hardware and GinSing software library create a development system that is designed to provide complex waveform synthesis for a variety of applications. The hardware utilizes the full feature set of the Soundgin IC and a built-in amplifier that can be directly connected to a speaker, headphones, or stereo system.

The Soundgin IC provides the functional capabilities of sound synthesis through a digital software model that contains six digitally controlled oscillators, two bank mixers, and a master output mixer that can be utilized in a wide variety of ways. The GinSing software library is a thin C++ interface that translates function calls into serial commands that are sent to the Soundin IC to generate sound.

To simplify the processing conceptually, the GinSing library groups functions into four operating modes that better suit specific applications. The library enapsulates these modes to provide an organized interface for each of  sound effects, speech synthesis, musical instrument modeling, and full waveform synthesis. You can easily switch from one mode to another through the use of a single function call, allowing you to switch from mode to mode as needed.

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