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The GinSing hardware is an Arduino compatible shield that sits atop the Arudino microcontroller board. The GinSing board contains:

  • synthesizer circuit - Soundgin IC, clock, PWM filter

  • amplifier circuit - NJM386 1 watt audio amplifier and noise stabilization

  • 3.5mm audio jack - for headphone and line level output

  • sounding LED - indicator when sound is being produced

  • volume control - gain control for audio amplifier

  • configuration jumpers - selectable Arduino pin assignments

  • hi power feed - use up to 18V via external Arduino power jack

  • board headers - full length through-connects for sheild stacking

  • speaker pad - to connect external 8-32 ohm speaker

  • Q pad - software controllable digital output

designed to be easy to build and to use


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At the heart of the shield is the Soundgin IC. This device has tremendous capability for sound generation as it is a complex waveform synthesizer capable of  voice synthesis, polyphonic voicing, and a configurable waveform synthesizer with complex modulation, envelope, mixer control and more.

Functionally it is similar to the SpeakJet chip used in many Arduino based solutions, but its access to the inner workings of the sound generation make it far superior in flexibility and programmability.


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