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get your babbles for nothin' and your tweaks for free

The GinSing shield uses a complex waveform synthesis engine chip called the Soundgin for all of its audio output. When connected to an Arduino, you can use the GinSing software library to make function calls to the Soundgin IC in your projects.

To make it easier to explore and understand all of the things that the GinSing shield can do, we have created two free software tools that run on your PC that interact with the GinSing shield in realtime via a graphical user interface - one for exploring waveform synthesizer features, and one for exploring synthetic speech features.

Check out the videos below to get an overview of what these tools can do.

Ginsing + PC

ginsing tweaker

The GinSing tweaker is a free program that runs on your computer and talks to the GinSing board using a java based graphical user interface. The tweaker lets you experiment with the various oscillators, patches, parameters, and presets in realtime to observe the audible effects of making function calls to the library. In addition to exploring the GinSing, you can also use tweaker to create your own custom presets that you can code into your Arduino application using a simple text cut/paste method.

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Babbletron is a free program that runs on your computer and talks to the GinSing board using a java based graphical user interface. Babbletron lets you experiment with the built-in voice synthesis algorithms on Babblebot IC. With Babbletron you can build words, phrases, sentences, and songs for realtiime playback on the GinSing shield. You can also add the phrases you build to your Arduino code, and build upon the included word library with own creations.

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how they work

The Ardunio communicates with your PC for programming, but can also be used for realtime serial communication. Using the Arduino USB cable connection between your PC and the Arduino that is hosting the GinSing board, you can create a link between the tweaker program and the GinSing shield. The tweaker and babbletron programs allow you dynamically modify all of the parameters of the Soundgin IC using the link by setting the registers on the chip. Each GinSing library function associated with the registers being modified appear in the code window at the top of the program to give you a feeling for how your code might perform the same operation in your Arduino application.

To create the link between the tweaker and the GinSing, you will load a special program onto your Arduino called PCLink, which is one of the example programs that comes in the GinSing software distribution. This program simply relays serial data to and from the GinSing and PC so that they talk directly to each other.