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bank panel

4 - Bank Panel

The bank panel allows you to edit the current settings for either bank A or bank B, depending on which DCO you currently have selected. Many of the functions available on the bank panel have functionally identical to the DCO functions but opererate on all DCOs that belong to that bank.

The current bank label is identified either as A or B in the upper left corner of the panel. The current bank is selected automatically whenever the current DCO is selected. It is useful to note the current bank designation when editing the bank properties to assure you are affecting the appropriate parameters.

The amp control sets the relative gain applied to all DCOs mixed to the bank. A value of 0.0 will effectively mute the bank, while a value of 1.0 will add all DCOs mixed to the bank at full volume.

envelope control

The trig button (when pressed) triggers the ADSR amplitude envelope generator on all the DCOs mixed to the bank. The ADSR envelope generator modifies the output volume of the waveform over time using a four stage system:

The A(ttack) stage ramps the amplitude from zero to a preset value ( A amplitude ) over a preset time ( A duration )

The D(decay) stage ramps the amplitude from the attack stage to a preset value ( D amplitude ) over a preset time ( D duration ).

The output amplitude S(ustains) the decay stage amplitude until the release funtion (button) is activate.

The R(release) stage ramps the amplitude from the sustain stage to a preset value ( R amplitude ) over a prest time ( R duration ).

When the trigger button is pressed, it illuminates both itself and the rls button, indicating that the ADSR envelope is running. Note that you can retrigger the waveform at any time, and the ADSR will stage in the sustain stage until the rls button is pressed.

The rls button (when pressed) releases ADSR amplitude envelope generator on all DCOs mixed to the bank. When release is first applied, the ADSR will begin executing the release stage. When the release stage completes the ADSR is disabled, unless it is retriggered again using the trig button.

The A|D|R duration menus  set the tming for the ADSR envelope generator. The stage timings are not cotinuously controllable, but have preset values corresponding to the menu items. The sustain timing cannot be set as it is contingent on the user.

The A|D|R amplitude controls set the amplitude targets for the ADSR envelope generator stages. The amplitudes range from 0.0 (muted) to 1.0 (full gain) on each stage. The release value is typically set to 0.0 to allow the release to complete, but can be set to other values based on special requirements.

The AT | AR buttons enable (when lit) or disable (when unlit) the built-in amplitude targeting and amplitude ramping functions on the bank. Note that ampltide targeting only functions if both itself and amplitude ramping are enabled. When amplitude targeting is enabled, the amplitude will ramp from its current value to a preset value over a preset time. Both the target and the ramp rate can be continuously adjusted while targeting is active. When Amplitude ramping is enabled, the amplitude of all DCOs mixed to the bank repeatedly ramp up and down from zero to maximum value at a preset rate. You can toggle the AT | AR states by clicking on the buttons.

track / ramp control

The atgt control sets the target amplitude when amplitude targeting is enabled. The amplitude target will be the final output amplitude of the DCO when targeting is enabled and the targeting rate is non-zero.

The arate control sets the relative transition rate for both amplitude targeting and amplitude ramping. In most cases the rate is set low to observe the ramping effect over an observable time, but can be set to higher values to support modulation capabilities.